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welcome to the family

Our passion to connect explorers around the world goes beyond our trips. Through community initiatives & the Scarangar Collective, we invite like-minded people to continually share & discover the world together. Travel with a Scarangar family and allow new friendships & experiences to flourish way beyond the end of your Scarangar trips.

scarangar collective

From the moment you connect with Scarangar, you become part of our collective of international explorers. Whether you simply follow us on socials or subscribe to our newsletter, you'll join a community of adventurers who are passionate about travelling differently & authentically to uncover our wonderful world.

When signing up for a trip, you'll become part of a family before you even meet. Through pre-trip trip Whatsapp groups, a private Facebook group & monthly emails exclusively for Scarangar passengers, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other explorers near & far as much as you like.

Welcome to our world

Scarangar Beach

community action

Scarangar is committed to making tours low-impact environmentally with high-impact actions. On all of our tours, we're collaborating with & supporting local businesses. What's more, we're setting up initiatives to positively impact the local community. From donating wetsuits to local kid's surf schools in Morocco to beach litter picking in Newquay, we aim to create small actions for a lasting local impact.


We hate goodbyes, and don't want trips to end at the last bus stop! Therefore we are setting up local adventure groups and meet-ups to collect together the Scarangar family so they can continue exploring & enjoying the world on their doorstep.

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