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bus #3 transformation: getting ready for the big show

With our first two buses galavanting around Cornwall all summer and showing themselves off at events & expos, we've been behind the scenes giving the third member of our family a mega facelift...and it's getting ready to party! Take a look at how her transformation of our first-ever bus is coming along and a hint of where it's heading this year.

bus three transformation progress

Saving the best til last

Despite being known as the third bus in our fleet, this was the one that started the Scarangar dream. Found in a scrap yard looking a little sorry for itself, we saw the potential and decided its life isn't over just yet. But why make it wait until last? Well, we knew this bus was going to be different from the rest and needed some more TLC to be ready for its big debut in 2024.

Restoring this bus from the ground up has given our designers and restorers a field day. With a higher upper deck, doors at the front and back plus more quirky features, we've actually decided to turn it upside down compared to the others and add in a few fun bits. They always say the third child is a little extra...

The design

For this bus, the eight bunk pods are upstairs with a bit more legroom and amazing morning views. Next to the bunks are the original bus chairs for front-row seats when the bus is moving or getting the best view of the festival.

Downstairs there's a large U-shaped sitting area that can be transformed to whatever it needs to be. Raise a table and you have a family-style dining area. Take out a cushion and have two couches with the back door open. Or, best of all, move some bits around and you have a HUGE double bed.

Plus downstairs there's a fully equipped kitchen and an awning for outside seating & bacon butty breakfasts. There's hot and cold water, solar panels on the roof and a trailer out the back for all the extra fun stuff like games, BBQs and comfy camping chairs for a totally boutique experience.

As you can see, we're making progress but the bus isn't quite there yet. It takes time to dress up for a party, and that's exactly where this bus is headed.

OK...where is it going?

With all of its quirky features and extra chill space, what better way to debut our new bus than sending it on a summer tour of some of the UK's hippest festivals! This 'Festival Bus' will give its guests a boutique glamping experience with ultimate relaxation, unbeatable views from the upper deck and the comfiest night's sleep (when sleep does happen...) to recharge for the next day.

Want to know what festivals it's heading to? Sign up to our mailing list below to be the first to know! Or if you have a festival that's perfect for our bus, pop us a message right here.

And stay tuned for more transformation photos and updates on our 'Festival Bus'


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