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packing hacks for bus life

We've put together our top hacks for you to pack light to easily transition into bus life and still have everything you need for trip of a lifetime!

If you hadn’t noticed, our explorers eat, sleep, and get whisked around between adventures on our tres cool vintage buses. And when we designed our buses a mega face-lift, we carved out just enough space for every passenger to bring a bag and not much else! Knowing that we provide you with the bare necessities for a comfy trip, you might be tempted to pack everything plus the kitchen sink (we do have one of those). But please don’t.

Instead to help we've whipped together our top hacks for you to pack light and smart so you can easily glide into bus life and still have everything you need for a comfortable trip!

1. Ditch the big, hard wheelie suitcase

First we just don’t have the room for it, so that bad boy will be left behind. Second, you don’t need it! You can get awesome large soft bags that have more than enough room to fit everything. Whether you fancy going backpacker style or with a trendy duffel bag, these are all great options that you can squeeze into our storage. We recommend not going over 65L.

2. Effective stuffing

You can effectively pack to make use of every nook and cranny. Taking a pair of trainers? Stick your socks and underwear in there! Bringing your surfboard? Protect it in the board bag with bulky clothes. Next level stuffing is rolling and squeezing clothes into packing cubes, plus it makes stuff easy to find on the bus - winner winner chicken dinner!

3. Don’t waste on toiletries

Not only are travel-size toiletries a waste of space & plastic, but also a waste of money! Before travelling, pop a message in your trip’s Whatsapp group and see what people are bringing and maybe share some essentials - shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste...just not toothbrushes.

4. Wear bulky bits

Wear the big essentials when travelling - your walking boots, thick jumper, warm coat and jeans all take up valuable space. Yea you might get a bit toasty, it's so worth it for space!

5. Utilise your day bag

On all our trips you’ll need a day bag for exploring. Pack that bag for travel with all your non-clothing essentials i.e chargers, Kindle, and water bottle. Save your big bag for your clothes and shoes. Speaking of which…

6. 2 shoes, 1 scarf

Only bring two pairs of shoes that you really need - a shoe for your main adventures and a shoe for more relaxed activities. And bring one scarf! They can be used around your neck, as a blanket, sarong, privacy screen, hair towel, blindfold (pin the tail anyone?). The possibilities are endless.

7. Use tech gear and camping specials

There are loads of awesome companies that have spent a lot of time designing and creating clothes and accessories for active adventures. Pack less with lightweight yet effective base layers, fleece and waterproof, and invest in camping gear designed for light travel such as a lightweight sleeping bag, collapsible water bottle, head torch and microfibre towels.

8. Check with us!

If you’re not sure you need something, check with us! Instead of ‘just in case’ packing, we will honestly and bluntly tell you if you need it or not. Your trip profile lets you know daily itineraries, what’s included and FAQs, but if you’re ever unsure just pop a message.

9. Everything you need is there

In the end, if all you arrive with is your passport, phone, cards and the clothes on your back, you’ll be fine. The Scarangar team will always sort you out, and trust us, everything you need can be found everywhere we go. So don’t sweat the small stuff, just get yourself on the trip and let everything else fall into place.

Ready to pack and raring to go? Don’t forget to check out our upcoming active adventure trips in the UK! We’ll see you on the bus at the next stop ;)


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