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who are sca-ran-gar?

Scarangar is an active adventure tour company using self-sustaining buses to achieve our mission - to take adventure-seekers on unforgettable trips to discover raw & rich cultures amongst the natural beauty of the world.

We believe much of the global travel experience has become generic & detached, removing one’s ability to authentically experience places. Through different travel, explorers will see the world in a completely different way & will discover adventures that take them beneath the surface of each country.

Every tour has been lovingly & uniquely curated in collaboration with insightful local people & businesses. We bring every level of traveller from all walks of life together through a shared love of a chosen activity & a desire to explore. Our adventures offer an opportunity to celebrate culture & gain true insight into local lives to experience extraordinary journeys.


Escape the norm, be bold and explore!

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did we mention there's a bus?

And not just one - a whole fleet! We're renovating vintage British double-decker buses into innovative & cosy homes away from home for our guests. On these buses, lifelong friendships can be built while sharing exciting experiences & discovering fresh communities that go beyond trips.

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